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Friday, June 24, 2005

Getting Ready

Getting Ready
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Ok. I have all digital cameras ready,plus I have my video camera set to

go to Los Angeles for the award show that will be under high security.

The key for me this time will be to totally involed in photo ops that

occur without notice or fanfare. These opporrunities provide access to

publicity shots that could be used in the business. Most of the shots

can be done @ 400 speed,with the digitals set to Large so the companies

that I email them to can utilize the image and have more to work with.

My card speed is 80x ( which will move about 12 megs every 2 seconds)

very rapidly. I also purchased some 120 mm film for my medium format

camera..... I am covering a wedding Saturday before I leave town. The

two classes digital and 35 mm have started email me and we had a lot of


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