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Thursday, December 29, 2005

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2005 was a big year for blogs,blogging,vlogs and moblog what happens in 2006!!!!! If you missed something, check out the archives.
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Goals in 2006:
More technology,radio content,photo classes and seminars, red carpet coverage,exclusives,ftp(file tranfer protocol)uploads, and referrals.
Edit Now that we have your attention......Experience LA!!!!!

12/27/2005 Edit My son,the Bass Fisherman....

12/25/2005 Edit Happy Holidays

12/25/2005 Edit Merry Christmas!!!!!!

12/21/2005 Edit Radio Show This Saturday

12/21/2005 Edit Test from Cyberstudio

12/21/2005 Edit test image Michael Rappaport

12/20/2005 Edit Happy Holidays to All

12/20/2005 Edit Test of Technology

12/19/2005 Edit Happy Holidays to All

12/16/2005 Edit Glendale Morning

12/16/2005 Edit The Prism Awards in Hollywood

12/15/2005 Edit Photogs

12/15/2005 Edit Red Carpet

12/15/2005 Edit Tyrese@ the Award show

12/15/2005 Edit Award Show in Hollywood tonite

12/12/2005 Edit Vigil @ 6pm Pst California

12/12/2005 Edit Tookie Williams Vigil

12/12/2005 Edit Sky beauty

12/12/2005 Edit Reflecting On the Train

12/11/2005 Edit Reflecting On the Train

12/10/2005 Edit A Sun for a Son......

12/10/2005 Edit Sky beauty

12/10/2005 Edit At the FYI airport

12/09/2005 Edit Grammy Fundraiser Sat Dec 10 Los Angeles

12/09/2005 Edit Grammy Fundraiser Sat Dec 10

12/08/2005 Edit Grammy Fundraiser Sat Dec 10

12/05/2005 Edit Sunset Fron A Train

12/04/2005 Edit LA Beauty

12/04/2005 Edit Cherry Blossoms and Red Carpet

12/04/2005 Edit Cherry Blossoms and Red Carpet

12/04/2005 Edit Red Carpet View and the Cherry Blossoms

12/04/2005 Edit The John Madden EA Sports Challenge

12/03/2005 Edit In the Kodak Theatre

12/03/2005 Edit Hollywood @ Night ...Holiday Season

12/03/2005 Edit Christmas In Hollwood 2

12/02/2005 Edit In a cab in the rain going 60mph

12/01/2005 Edit Ken McCoy Goes back to Hollywood!!!!!!

11/28/2005 Edit Monday Sunset

11/26/2005 Edit The Holiday Season is Here!!!!!!!

11/25/2005 Edit Fresno Youth Symphony Orchestra

11/25/2005 Edit Fresno Youth Symphony Orchestra

11/20/2005 Edit Finally on the Train

11/20/2005 Edit Production trailers for the Commercial

11/20/2005 Edit A Cingular commercial is being Filmed

11/20/2005 Edit A Commercial is being filmed @ Union Station

11/20/2005 Edit In a cab headed to LA union station

11/19/2005 Edit On the Air

11/19/2005 Edit Jeffrey Henderson

11/19/2005 Edit The Hollywood Walk of Fame