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Friday, January 27, 2006

New Exhibit post For Photogs Please Read!!!!!!!


Good News! Since our last message, we now have four places in Old Town Clovis who would like hang artwork. In addition to Trujillo’s Restaurant and Ellie Salon, we now have the Edge and Salsa Restaurant, plus an opportunity to make a presentation to Bobby Salazar’s.

Please submit photos to Lea Adams or Gail Daley by January 30, 2006. As the managers have final approval, we will need to take the photos of your artwork and get approval. We will be setting up for 3 months. At the end of 3 months we will be looking at photos again so that everyone will have the opportunity to submit new artwork. Artwork will be exchanged on the 1st Tuesday of each month between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. Once artwork has been accepted, you may choose what to bring; however, we will need to be notified of how many paintings you will bring each time.

Please be sure to include sizes of the artwork with your photos as some of these places will have size limitations.

The Edge:

The Edge is a trendy boutique, specializing in hot new fashions and jewelry. A lot of their clientele are women in the 16 to 25 year age group. They also have limited space so they need small to medium sized artwork. The owners suggested contemporary artwork that will appeal to their customers.

Salsa Restaurant:

A Mexican restaurant. They have a lot of space so they can take large paintings. The manager would like artwork with a Spanish influence.


Room for 13 large (24 x 36) paintings or 15 to 16 Medium (16 x 20) paintings. The walls are done in primary colors, so paintings with strong, vivid colors are needed. Also, the age group which patronizes the restaurant is in the 35 to 50 group, so the paintings should appeal to this group.

Ellie Salon:

Room for 5 or 6 medium sized paintings. The walls are a soft grey green. The Owner prefers figures of women and landscapes which promote tranquility or serenity.

Presentation Opportunity:

Additionally, Bobby Salazar’s in Clovis would like to see a presentation. They are looking for artwork showing people with drinks or parties. This one is only a presentation, so if any of you have any artwork like this and would like to submit it, please let Lea or me know.