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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Photo Request: National Geographic Society

I'm looking for photos to be published in a new series of children's books
called "Holidays Around the World." Each book will feature a different
holiday with striking photographs and a lively and engaging text. I'm
interested in exciting color photos showing people of all ages, colors and
backgrounds celebrating with family & friends, cooking and eating typical
foods, dancing and singing, giving gifts, doing charity, praying and
studying, playing games. I'm looking for images that evoke emotion, that are
culturally, ethnically and geographically diverse. It is also important for
us to show different levels of religiosity from very strict followers to
less religious followers. Here is a list of the holidays that I'm looking

Ramadan & Eid al Fitr--specifically, I'm looking for a photo of a middle-to
upper-income Muslim family breaking the fast during Ramadan. It can be in a
home or in a restaurant and--this is important--the women should NOT be
wearing head coverings.I'm looking for kids being kids during the month of
Ramadan, playing sports, going to school, celebrating the Eid, etc. I'm also
very interested in showing Muslim girls WITHOUT head coverings as we'd like
to show differing levels of religiosity.

DEADLINE IS MARCH 17, 2006. But sooner if you can! (FYI--there is some
flexibility with the deadline, but contact me first.)

Passover--looking for the aforementioned criteria, need to have Jews on
every continent represented. DEADLINE is APRIL 19th.

Easter--looking for the aforementioned criteria, need to have Christians on
every continent represented. DEADLINE is APRIL 19th.

You can send me jpegs stuffed or zipped into a folder to
Payment is made only if an image is used. Any questions? email me at

Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lori Epstein
Illustrations Editor, Children's Books
National Geographic Society