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Friday, January 26, 2007

Foto Libre

Hi Members

That was childhood -- this is Spiritual again. This is the second half of the major Picture Call we sent out last week. A publisher doing a book on sacred places is looking for the following images for their Asian & Australasian chapters.

We need to avoid touristy/geographical images if at all possible as the publishers want to illuminate the sacred/mystical side to the places, so images without people will be preferred.

The excellent news is that several of the excellent pictures you have all submitted for the SACWES Picture Call have already been optioned. Well done you! You'll get an email from Yvonne in the next month if your pictures have been taken.


1 Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Gateways, carvings, terraces, pyramid temple, terrace of the elephants, gods, & surrounding water.

2 Mount Fuji, Japan
Torii traditional shinto gate, view showing overall mountain, view from top, view of crater at top.

3 Borobudur, Java
View showing whole temple & site, Buddhas, stupas, details of carvings.

4 The River Ganges, India
Source in Himalayas, sites along the banks: Haridwar and Kashi: festivals eg. Kumbh mela. City of Varanasi (or Banaras), showing temples, cremation/ ash sprinkling: bathing places such as Gangadwara, Kankhal, Nila Parvata, Bilwa Theertha and Kusavarta.

5 The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India
Overview with water maybe at night?, mosaic floors, pilgrims, candles, meal-sharing / hospitality

6 Adam's Peak, aka Sri Pada, Sabaramauwa Province, Sri Lanka
View of mountain in wider landscape, Buddha's footprint, shadow cast at sunrise, night time climbs, view from top, view of top with buildings.

7 Jain Temple, Adishwar (Chaumaukha Temple) Ranakpur, India
View of temple, Jain pilgrims, columns, carvings, sadhus/ yogis.

8 Yoshino and Omine, Kumano Sanzan, and Koyasan in the Kii Mountains, Japan
Shinto shrines and gates, gorges, waterfalls and forest landscape.

9 Minaret of Jam, Afghanistan
Overview of landscape setting, detail of minaret esp. decorative carving, the Hari-Rud and Jam-Rud rivers and valley.

10 Either Ha Long, Bay of the Descending Dragon Viet Nam
or Bukhara, Uzbekistan tomb of Ismail Samani, Madrassahs & mosques

11 Gangneung City in Gangwon Province, Korea
Taebaek Mountain Range, inc. Mt. Odaesan (Five Platforms Mountain) & Woljongsa Temple; the Danoje Festival, with Confucian, shamanistic, Toaist and Buddhist rituals;

12 Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
The Stone Heads as a group & singly with detail; the petroglyphs, views of the island & coastline; Orongo ceremonial village .

13 Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Mountains scenes; Buddhist stupas of Swayambhu and Bodhanath (Bauddhanath), Pashupati temple & Changu Narayan temple, prayer wheels, bells.

14 Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Registan Mosque and madrasas, Ulugh-Beg's Observatory, Bibi-Khanum Mosque, the Shakhi-Zinda compound and the Gur-Emir ensemble, Ulugh-Beg's Observatory.

15 Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur, Bangladesh
Over view of monastery within landscape, details of carvings, cells/chambers and altars. Images of ceremonies/worship/pilgrims.

16 Historic City of Ayutthaya, Thailand
Reclining Buddha, seated Buddhas, Wat Phra Si Sanphet Chedi (pointed towers), Wat Mahathat, monks & nuns

17 Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains, China
Tianzhu Peak; Golden Hall, aka Golden Crown; Taoist temples, mountain scenery and forests.

18 Yungang Grottoes, China
Caves and statues and paintings, especially cave numbers 3, 6, 13 & 16 if possible; images of the location in the Shi Li river valley, Wuzhou Shan mountains.


19 Lake Mungo, Australia
Picture of the (dry) lake and other landscapes in the Willandra Lakes Region, including landforms such as 'the great walls of China'.

20 Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia
The rock in wider landscape, up close & various times of day, Aboriginal people, Aboriginal rock paintings, springs / waterholes. There are reproduction rights issues here; please upload them anyway and we will attempt to sort this out if an offer is made for a picture.

21 Kakadu National Park, Australia
Dreaming and ceremonial sites & events; thunderstorms/ extreme skies, Yellow Water Billabong; rock art & paintings; The Eggs of Serpent Dreaming & The Devil's Marbles (rocks).

22 Tongariro Park, N. Island, New Zealand
Tongariro Mountain, Mount Ruapehu, Mount Ngauruhoe, as smoking volcanoes or covered in snow. Lake Taupo & Motutaiko island, Maori people with tattoos

23 Either Motutapu Island (one of Auckland Islands), New Zealand
human footprints preserved in solidified ash. Not sure that this is visually interesting enough so have suggested an alternative
or Lady Julie Percy Island, also known as Deen Maar and Dhinmar
natural features such as sand dunes, limestone ridges, river, lake and wetlands and coastline and wildlife such as orange-bellied parrot.

24 The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Overhead views / Satellite image; sea life such as dugongs.

Upload data:
1. DEADLINE: Wednesday January 31st 2007; 12:00 GMT
2. FILESIZE: 300dpi, colour. Pixel dimensions >3510 x 2480, to print at A4.
3. CODE KEYWORD: SACEAS (input this among all your other apposite keywords describing the image in full and NEVER use the Code Keyword as your only keyword.)
4. CATEGORISE UNDER: Society> Religion

PLEASE NOTE: As there will be many images to sort, please add the relevant Picture Number directly after SACEAS with no space between, so the keywords will give, for example:
SACEAS09 for pictures of the Minaret of Jam, and
SACEAS19 for pictures of Lake Mungo.

We know there are already some suitable images on fotoLibra, but please help us by adding the Code Keyword SACEAS and the Picture Number to your existing keywords on the relevant images.

Do remember that the only way you can make your pictures available for consideration by the buyers in any Picture Call is to upload them to the fotoLibra site and to include the special Code Keyword among your other keywords. Please do not mark these images as Royalty Free, and do not send them to me as there is nothing I can do with them - my opinion would be highly subjective and probably not helpful, especially as I’m feeling quite irritable today. Please also make sure that they always match or exceed the requested resolutions and file sizes.

Kind regards

Jacqui Norman