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Friday, October 19, 2007

Photo Request -- Please look

Hi Members

Hotfoot from the Fish Call, the same magazine also wants photographs of 20 chickens. It’s a feature about ‘How to keep chickens’, so they do need to be healthy, live chickens, ideally all standing in the same way. The list includes the breed types.

Auraucana — Light
Belgian — Bantam
Black Rock — Hybrid
Brahma — Bantam
Faverolles — Heavy
Japanese — Bantam
Leghorn — Light
Leghorn — Light
Maran — Heavy
Orpington — Bantam
Pekin — Bantam
Rhode Island Red — Heavy
Silkie — Bantam / Light
Speckledy — Hybrid
Sussex — Heavy
Welsummer — Light
Wyandotte — Miniature

The Old Speckled Hen? Is that really a breed? I never knew that. I thought it was an MG.

Upload data:
1. DEADLINE: Tuesday 23rd October, 09:00 GMT
2. FILESIZE: 300dpi, colour/b&w. Pixel dimensions min. 2500 x 1750
3. CODE KEYWORD: HENBEB (input this among all your other apposite keywords describing the image in full and NEVER use the Code Keyword as your only keyword.)
4. CATEGORISE UNDER: Animals> Birds

And remember:
A) The only way you can make your pictures available for consideration by the buyers in any Picture Call is to upload them to the fotoLibra site ...
B) ... and to include the special Code Keyword among your other keywords.
C) Please do not mark these images as Royalty Free
D) Do not send them to me as there is nothing I can do with them — my opinion would be highly subjective and probably not helpful.
E) Please also make sure that they always match or exceed the requested resolutions and/or file sizes.

Kind regards

Jacqui Norman

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