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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fw: The Weekly Buzz from The Bee | Go to the Big Fresno Fair on us!

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Subject: The Weekly Buzz from The Bee | Go to the Big Fresno Fair on us!

Read Imagine Fresno, the Central Valley's premier lifestyle magazine.

  • Free Concert Ticket Madness!
    What do Pepper, Gretchen Wilson and Earth, Wind & Fire have in common? They're all part of this year's Big Fresno Fair Concert Series, and has tickets to all of them. Want to go? Just pop over and submit an entry. Get concert tickets and fairground admission!

    State your mind, get some tix!
    Your two cents DO matter at the Beehive. Hop over, comment on a post, and you could be chosen at random to see the Big Fresno Fair concert of your choice. Commenters chosen daily!

    See "Eagle Eye" on us
    You and a friend can enjoy the premier of the movie Eagle Eye on Go now to enter!

  • Be reckless and make a mess
    Armen Bacon shares her experiences taking a memoir class over the summer at Fresno State. Read her guideposts to chasing your passion, whether it be writing or dancing, or just living.

    Yum,yum,yum,yum,yum-- Delicioso! Looking for a perfect recipe? Check From potato salad to oatmeal cookies, the recipes are all there. And they’re tried and true from Valley readers.

    Sweet Caroline! True love prevails when a Michigan man finds a 4.68-carat diamond and names it after his wife and favorite Neil Diamond song.

    Best of both worlds: Torn between your love of technology and the feel of an old-school newspaper? Go no further. Try E-Bee, The Bee's electronic edition. See all of today's news and information digitally, yet exactly as it appears in the paper. Available from your computer desktop, iPod Touch or iPhone. 
  • Get 20% off of home delivery of The Bee
  • Bottoms up: Read how a nude bartender is enough to drive patrons to drink.

  • Bulldogs Sports: Few can make the trips to New Jersey and Ohio to follow Fresno State football. Matt James has, and he shares his home video every week. Check out the Toledo trip and come back to Sports Buzz next week for the Rose Bowl walk-through.

    The Momcast: MOM GUILT! With over 10 million results in Google for the phrase, why do we moms feel so alone in our suffering? The moms mull over what we do-- right and wrong-- and try to get a grasp on this common brand of self-flagellation.

    Sheriff sounds off: Did you hear Sheriff Margaret Mims talking about her budget battle with Fresno County supervisors? It only takes 20 minutes to hear about thousands of hours of overtime.

    Famous talks film: Get artsy with Famous Whitewater and crew as they chat with Fresno Film Commissioner Ray Arthur.

  • Worst idea I've seen this week: Lisa Boyles opines why the state's consideration of selling ad space on the freeway emergency signs is "terrible idea, on so many levels."

    The things you'll learn at The Beehive Mike Oz has no fear...and visitors are equally brave about leaving their own thoughts.

    No Roger, thumbs way down Rick Bentley's confession: "While I have always had a passion for movies, it wasn't until I watched Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel slug it out ...that it became clear how much I wanted to be a film critic."

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