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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fw: Painet World States needed

Pull the photo info that you need from this post. Happy shooting and selling!!!!!
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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 09 16:13:58
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Subject: Painet World States needed

Painet has posted all the 113 world states where we have photos
represented. You may view it at . Please
submit images for the countries not covered. For a list of countries
needed see

You will soon receive an invitation from to follow the Painet
posts and to allow us to follow your posts. We are posting daily
specialized websites covering specific topics. Below are the topic
websites posted the last 2 week. Note: You will not receive emails from
Twitter announcing new posts. You would have to access your Twitter page
to view the posts.

Photographer Mark Duffy captures the Arctic Wolf in a natural habitat
(Saskatchewan Canada Wildlife Ecosystem).

Is this the next Google type brand? I wonder
how much Google paid in development of their logo? Anyone?

License photos for as little as $1.00. Search and select, from nearly
640,000 edited images, at
Note: Licensing on the Discount site is limited to print quantities (or
impressions) of 1,000 or less. For print quantities greater than 1,000
our standard rates apply as shown on

GO GREEN (270 photos of green)

205 shades of pink

65 photos of Aurora Borealis

31 photos of Apocalyptica in concert and their
Ruska video in Grave of the Fireflies

117 sex and addiction drawings by Julian Murphy

Check out 699 gorgeous Chinese Model & Models pics at

Mark Goebel photo exhibit 'Business in the Barrio' is a caricature of a
maquiladora in Mexico

Jack Iddon is a photojournalist with a unique style and grace. 950 images

For 35,000 European 'feel' photos go to

Daniel Britt's growing archive of Iraq photos at has to be the world's best source of off-the-beaten-path
Travel & Lifestyle photos. View at

View Keith Levit Hasselblad photography at



NOTE: Indicate which request you are submitting to (by Title)
FTP the images using the instructions at:

We REQUIRE images be in JPEG or TIFFformat. JPEGS must have a minimum
file size of 1.6 MB that opens up to a minimum of 20 MB in Photoshop. If
you are emailing images, Include your contact information (name, mailing
address, telephone numbers, etc.) in the body of the email. Note: If you
are FTPing images without using your unique code in front of the image
filenames, put the contact information in the IPTC (File Info area of

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