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Friday, July 03, 2009

Fw: Painet Photo image request

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Subject: Painet Photo image request
Painet received the following photo request from photographersdirect.

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1) Glacier Express route in winter, Switzerland
2) West Shore of Lake Tahoe, USA
3) generic 'message in a bottle' image

Date : 1st July 2009
Deadline : 10th July 2009
Request: Reference: Glacial Switzerland
Looking for images for the following:
The 'Glacier Express' is (in the words of the author) a 75-year-old {train} route from Zermatt to St. Moritz that passes through some of Switzerland's prime ski resorts along the way. And with the right kind of ticket, you can ride the rails in style, stopping off for a few days at timeless as well as
up-and-coming resorts.

Shots of the train, and picturesque shots of train stations (Banhof), scenery shots from windows, etc.

Mountains along the route, specifically the Matterhorn

Rhine River along the route

Passes along the route: Furka, Oberalp,

Towns of Zermatt, Andermatt, Disentis / M¸ster, Chur, St. Moritz,
Pontresina, Arosa

Ski areas around St. Moritz: Engadin, Diavolezza and Lagalb, Piz Bernina, Corvatsch. Need some action shots.

Chez Vrony, a classic Zermatt mountain hut in the hamlet of Findeln

skiers: Jessica Quinn, Susanna Magruder, and Andrea Binning

Plus hotels listed below.

Kronenhof Hotel

Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Andermatt Resort

Post Hotel

This is our adventure feature, and as such, needs to be heavily focused on the skiing end of things. Very active, but with the historic feel of both the towns and the trains as a backdrop.

Format : either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)
Use : editorial
Other Usage : US$100.00


Date : 1st July 2009
Deadline : 10th July 2009
Request reference: Lake Tahoe
Looking for photos of the communities, people, ski resorts, and hospitality of the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. (Specifics below)

The story will be about the unpretentious historic feel of the West Shore, how it has a slow, family and community-oriented flavor as opposed to the glitz of South Shore and the traffic of North Shore. Many of the families here have had homes in the area for four generations. It's the type of place where families get together for marshmallow roasts and ice skating and bonfires on Christmas Eve and New Years. This makes West Shore, which has an old New England feel, a great getaway for an off the beaten path Tahoe ski trip.

This is potentially a cover story, so any images that successfully convey a sense of place and luxury are encouraged. Obviously, need beautiful snow and an inviting atmosphere ã our affluent, well-traveled readers should look at the image and immediately want to step into it.

The story is about West Shore and what sets it apart from glitzy South Shore and congested North Shore. Luxury in this case doesn¼t necessarily mean flashy (that¼s South Shore)ãthe place is welcoming, people have lived here for generations and created a haven for people who want to enjoy the ā€˛vacation lifestyle¾. Think meaningful moments, togetherness, appreciating
the gorgeous environment and spending quality time connecting. A big part of the area's appeal is the personal attention/customer service and the lack of crowds.

Oh yeah, the skiing is good, too: nice untracked powder, plus there's tree skiing.


Homewood Mountain Resort: scenic exteriors, especially any that can show the slopes and the gorgeous lake; the Mid-Mountain pavilion is supposed to have great views and is a local favorite

Homewood town: street scenes, showcase the photogenic little shops and general stores; again, we¼re conveying a sense of family and community, anything that speaks to the 'vacation lifestyle': coziness, welcoming, warmth, hospitality, community

The writer calls out Obexer's Market in particular, it¼s a
marina/bait shop but has a long history in the area: family-owned and operated by the Obexers since the 1920s and might be good for a scenic exterior shot

West Shore CafÈ and Inn: again, scenic exteriors (it¼s sandwiched
between the lake and the mountains, no shortage of scenery here), but the interiors of the restaurant and inn/rooms may also provide some good shots, lots of wood and stone, natural/earth-toned palette. Since it¼s a holiday
issue, wouldn't hurt to have some gorgeous shots of warming, hearty winter/holiday food

Granlibakken: lodge and ski area, it was known for the ski jump
built in the 1930s

Tahoma Meadows: rustic, cozy-looking red cottages, may be some good exterior shots here, especially if the color pops with the snow

Chaney House B&B: a stone mansion surrounded by trees, may be some good exteriors here as well

Towns on the west shore: Tahoma, Homewood, Sunnyside. There are
grand homes (not new McMansions) in and in between these towns.

Alpine Meadows is West Shore¼s other resort. It has steep and deep terrain a la Squaw but with a smaller and more manageable size. The Sherwood Bowl, tucked over a ridge on the ski area¼s back side, is where the locals head to get great turns and lounge in the sun at the outdoor Ice Bar.

Since the story is about family/community/hospitality/hominess, shots of people should show their spirit and friendliness, no stagey brochure-type mug shots

Rick Brown, current owner of Homewood Mountain Resort and grandson of the founder

Dick and Ullie White, owners of Tahoma Meadows

Gary Chaney, owner of Tahoma Meadows

Format : either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)
Use : editorial
Other Usage : US$100.00


Date : 1st July 2009
Deadline : 10th July 2009
Request Reference: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE
Looking for a generic message in a bottle image, should be on a beach but the beach should be anonymous.

]Format : either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)
Use : editorial
Other Usage : US$100.00


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