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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fw: Deadline:6 Days Ken McCoy the Official Photographer for this event!!!

From: Keith Kelley <>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 15:50:32 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: Deadline:6 Days 'Till The Big Shabang! Be There...Risk Taker, Dream Maker Awards

 6 Days In Counting
5th Annual "Risk Takers, Dream Makers" Awards Luncheon
Dual Featured Awardees of the Day Are:
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Youth Award
Juan Cardona
Freshman, Edison High School

Juan Cardona has had many challenges in his life that he has had to overcome, from learning to speak English when he was 6 years old to smaller ones such as making the cut as a player on his 5th grade basketball team. The biggest challenge of all took place recently when he spoke in front of hundreds of people, including the City of Fresno's Chief of Police, Councilmember's, and United States Congressmen. He wanted to share with them the challenges he has faced in his life, his dreams for the future and his goals as an advocate for the DREAM ACT so that other youth are able to achieve their dreams.
Every year 65,000 undocumented seniors graduate high school. Because they have no citizenship in the United States it is difficult for them to go on to college and follow their dreams. Juan is a youth leader with Faith In Community and is working hard to pass the Dream Act so that those undocumented students can continue on to follow their dreams. He wants to continue to be a "Youth Voice" for the Dream Act by participating in meetings at his church, being involved in rallies, and going to Washington D.C. to show how important legislation is for many youth.
Juan has maintained a 4.0 GPA for five years and wants to continue having a 4.0 throughout high school to help him get into college. He feels working hard and having a good GPA feels amazing and would like to attend Stanford University because it is known to have the best Medical School. His career goal is to be a Doctor.  Juan has lived in Fresno for eight years and wants to become a doctor so that he can give back to his community. A community he feels has given so much back to him.
Juan is involved in many different extracurricular activities. He has been involved in sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, football, and volleyball and doesn't think he will ever stop. Juan has always been a team player and enjoys helping his friends with just about anything. He has helped at his church as an alter server and is currently involved in Faith In Community Ministry officiated by Monsignor Rob to help make the community safer for youth and adults. In Junior high he was a member of CJSF, a scholarship program that involves community service. Juan is currently in the GATE Program and has been ever since the fourth grade. He believes this to be amazing.
Juan's next big challenges are to obtain scholarships to pay for college, work hard to bring the DREAM ACT to fruition, and continue to help make his community safer for all. Juan's parents are his biggest role models and have always been there for him. He hopes to finish college so that he can support them since they have sacrificed so much for him. He thanks Fresno West Coalition for Economic Development for giving him the honor of being a recipient at this year's Risk Takers Dream Makers Awards Luncheon.

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   West Fresno Business Award
Coast To Coast Petroleum LLC,
 DBA Chevron

Sylvesta M. Hall, President
Born in Palestine, Texas in 1957 to Wilbert (K.C.) Hall and Cameal McQueen, Sylvesta M. Hall made his way to California two days after he was born. From 1957 through 1975 Fresno was his home until twelve days after he graduated from Edison High School Class of 1975. Upon graduating from high school he realized that Fresno did not offer much hope for African Americans.
He watched over the years during the 1960's-1970's, how resources were taken out of  West Fresno and moved to northern Fresno, which started the still existing stigma of negative stereotypes. He along with the majority of people of color, were victims of this exodus of resources from West Fresno.
While studying at San Diego State University, where he received his Bachelors of Science in Business Marketing, he looked at business models in Fresno, and all the data pointed investment toward northern Fresno. His study also showed that business leaders and politicians were at the head of this promotion of northern Fresno. There was no denying that between the years of 1960 through 2000 there had been a concerted effort of neglect in West Fresno by business, political, and educational leaders to leave West Fresnans disenfranchised. This fact was not up for debate, you need only look at the city's current geographic, social, educational, and economic conditions.
As citizens of West Fresno he feels that we have to hold our City of Fresno's business leaders, politicians, and educators responsible for their past neglect of West Fresno and see that the citizens of West Fresno share in benefits of the revitalization of our community. Currently there is a curriculum being taught at Edison Computech Junior High & Edison High School that disproportionately represents the citizens of West Fresno, of which both are located in the heart of our community.
Mr. Hall personally challenges Fresno Unified School District, the Principals of Edison Computech Junior High and Edison High School to look at this injustice and put a plan into action that will guarantee the children of West Fresno the best curriculum in this city and in their own neighborhoods. He feels that there are several development projects that are on going in West Fresno in which the citizens and business leaders of West Fresno need to have a share. It is the responsibility of the Citizens of West Fresno, The City of Fresno Government, and the Fresno Redevelopment Agency to see that West Fresnans do not end up sharecroppers in their own neighborhoods. He believes that ownership of property and business is the economic foundation of any people; and the ownership of property and business helps lead to better education, health care, and an overall higher quality of life.
Sylvesta also challenges the citizens of West Fresno and those that grew up in West Fresno to join Coast to Coast Petroleum and many other community organizations and leaders in restoring West Fresno to its grandeur. He states, "I appeal to the rich that have graduated from Edison High School to come back home and reinvest in your school and community. Edison High School needs a new gymnasium, library, field house, and its own home football stadium".
Sylvesta Hall pleas for the many German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Armenian and African Americans that have graduated from Edison High School that have turned North with their resources to return to their alma mater," Your investment along with the current push of indigenous citizens,  business leaders and educators  can make all the difference".
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 RTDM Welcome By
Ashley Swearengin, Mayor of Fresno
Guest Speaker
Ortensia Lopez

Ortensia Lopez 

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The Purpose of

"Risk Takers, Dream Makers" (RTDM) ...
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"... is to increase community recognition of individuals and businesses who routinely demonstrate their commitment to taking risks and making dreams come true in communities of poverty like southwest Fresno."
Keith A. Kelley,
President / CEO,  FWCED 

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