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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photo Updates!!!!

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Before the coming annual photography trade show, PMA, some of the majors have been introducing new products, pre-show.
So TONS of new gear around the corner!

  • You will now have a plethora of new choices for point and shoots from Nikon and Canon.
  • Plus Nikon just announced a 24mm 1.4 lens. That is ultra fast!
  • And Canon spread the word about a new Rebel T2i that will do most things, video wise, that the 7D will do for less the half the price.It doesnt have all of the still features, however, so the 7D stays in the line.
  • Aperture photo editing software from Apple has now moved to Vers. 3: All of the cool features like face recognition and geotagging from iPhoto, now in their pro product.
  • Want your prints to match what you see on your monitor? How about a free webinar from XRite to help you along.
  • David Hume Kennerly provides us with an intimate look at history.
  • Jennifer Aniston used to wear 15 pieces of flair. What about you?
  • Give your back a break: A real world review of the Naneu U220 roller bag
  • Focus, people, Focus! with a real world review of the Redrock micro system

gorillapod Still need some Valentine's Day ideas? Here is a reminder link of ideas, with love from us, to you.

The special item this week is something that is always in our roller bag: a Joby Gorillapod DSLR.
Strong enough to hold a speedlight, consumer video camera, or consumer DSLR, this flexible tripod has been our extra hand many times.

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Later this week we'll be looking at the world of Galleries vs. Museum (is it a bit like having to eat your vegetables when we talk about this stuff?); AND we are looking at the Canon 7D as we speak so we'll giving you some real world feedback on that. No Rebel T2i yet, though.

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