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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fw: From Robert Young and other Photography Professionals group memberson LinkedIn

"Courtesy of Ken McCoy Entertainment and/or affiliates."

From: Photography Professionals Group Members <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 17:56:11 -0700 (PDT)
To: Ken McCoy<>
Subject: From Robert Young and other Photography Professionals group members on LinkedIn

Linkedin GroupsJuly 8, 2010
Photography Professionals

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The Transition Into The Realm Of Digital Photography.....Please Help! 4 comments »

Started by Roy Salter

+1 to what Mathew said.
By Neil Colton

Camera Test: The Leica S2 « David Saffir's Photography and Printing Blog 1 comment »

Started by David Saffir

My first impression out of the box was "rock solid". The camera fits the hand very well, and feels a bit like a 35mm DSLR on steroids....
More » By David Saffir

photographers' agents 1 comment »

Started by Neska Husar

Looking for a Photo Agent near you, take a look through our latest Photo Agent Spotlight and their work brought to you by Production...
More » By Neska Husar

Discussions (3)

SnapLab calibrations? Add a comment »

Started by Robert Young, Sole Proprietor

Just picked up a SnapLab UP-10CRL unit for 4x6 & 5x7 event/group shooting. "Out of the box", it does extremely well. Still, I would like to "tweek" the colors a bit which brings up an issue....

1) I can move the color adjust settings in a pseudo-random way, print 4000 images, and "probably" still not hit things "on the head", or

2) Try to see if "someone" has a commercial (or homebrew method) for calibration of the printer.

One can generate a profile in Photoshop, Aperture, etc, but I would like to be able to match it up to my cameras (D300 & D3) as much as possible so I could print print direct from the CF card, esp since this printer does not REQUIRE (but can still use if necessary) a computer for printing.

Do you think this is a "pipe dream" or ???? I hate to say it, but I am beginning to think I am going to have to throw photoshop or aperture into the workflow to get this printer calibrated the way I would like.
By Robert Young, Sole Proprietor

The original 1ProPhoto.Com Photo Assistant Boot Camp July 10-11 2010 Add a comment »

Started by James Sullivan, Publisher/Owner at www.1ProPhoto.Com

Get real world experience working in one of the premiere NYC rental studios, using Pro equipment, and learning the on-set tech, grip and lighting skills needed to get work as a photo assistant. Learn the proper way to meter for Flash and color temp, create the perfect white background, color correcting lights, and how use KinoFlo, HMI, and studio strobes independently and mixed.
Work with Chimera, Profoto, K5600, Broncolor, Briese (based on availability) professional studio strobes and light modifiers.
We capture our lighting setups with Canon's high-end DSLR's and Phase One Capture 1 Pro software.
Past attendees have been Photo school students, photo assistants, art directors, photo editors, photographers from smaller markets.
And staff from those photographers studios listed on the site.

Check out this link for full details.
By James Sullivan, Publisher/Owner at www.1ProPhoto.Com

The ART and SCIENCE of photography – Will the balance cease to exist? 1 comment »

Started by Indranil Sinharoy, Research Assistant at Southern Methodist University

Indeed, we are living in confusing times...
By Jimmy Domingo, Instructor (part time) at De La Salle University

News Discussions (2) 1 comment »

Creating a Fearsome Fantasy Age Dragon Illustration

Step into a world of knights, sorcerers, elves and of course, dragons! Our Photoshop tutorial this time around will show you how we breathe life into one of the world's most commanding mythological creatures, the mighty dragon, by mapping and rendering a 3D illustration.

Please review and comment!
By Angelina Lee, Online marketing executive at 123RF

Lensbaby Shooters Get Appy | Picture Soup 1 comment »

Check out the winning images and the aperture designs that created them. Article also includes comments from each winner and links to their websites to view more of their work!
By Diane Berkenfeld, Writer - Editor - Photographer

Latest News 1 comment » July 7, 2010

Lensbaby Shooters Get Appy | Picture Soup 1 comment » July 7, 2010

Creative Aperture Kit Contest Winners Announced…


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