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Friday, July 16, 2010

Photo Project!!!!!


I've been working on a project for a few weeks now - actually, it launched
the first week of July, but we wanted to try a "soft" launch. It's called
Picture Fresno (, and in guessed (and Fresno).

Each week, we're posting a new photo theme. Members of the site have until
Sunday evening to upload a photo and optional description, after which time
a panel of judges--local photographers, artists, and Fresno
enthusiasts--rate the submissions. The judges favorite receives something

The first week we posted photos from the Historical Society's archives, as a
glimpse back into Fresno's story. Last week, the theme was "Celebration." We
received 40 submissions, but a favorite emerged: Joe Moore's photo from Hye
Fest 2009 -

This week, the theme is Farm Fresh. Interpret that however you wish - the
purpose is to tell the story of our community *now.* Kind of like recording
a visual history.

The judges' favorite this week receives 10 pounds of fresh, certified
organic stone fruit from Fruta del Sol, delivered weekly for four weeks.

Please check it out, and consider submitting a photo. (And don't worry,
we're not asking for permission to use them for anything but the site.)
Theme suggestions and partnerships welcome :-)


PS: Thank you all for the responses on downtown.