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Friday, June 29, 2012

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David SchonauerFriday, June 29, 2012

Work From Our Readers: Projects, Books, Exhibitions
By David Schonauer
We continue our series featuring work from Pro Photo Daily readers with four deeply felt and stirring projects. The first comes from freelance photographer Carlos Palma, who spent a year documenting a man's journey through drastic weight loss. Erik Kessels's "Album Beauty" exhibition focuses on a photographic treasure lost in the digital age. Panos photographer Martin Roemers captures the faces of people blinded during and after World War II, while Baltimore-based Eric Kruszewski finds a muse-and a story that needs to be told. Read the full Story >>

Healthcare Act, Part 1: How Artists Will Be Affected
The stakes in yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act were high—not least for practicing artists, who, as Artinfo puts it, “occupy a precarious sector of the workforce where stable income and benefits can be hard to come by.” That’s why many arts advocacy groups, ardent supporters of the law, rejoiced at the court’s decision. Among the particulars most likely to affect artists: group exchanges allowing individuals to buy insurance as part of a network. Under the law, states must establish these exchanges by 2014. Read the full Story >>

Healthcare Act, Part 2: The Photog Behind the CNN Meme
As we know now, CNN and FOX News both erred in reporting that the Supremes had in fact struck down the Affordable Healthcare Act’s crucial individual mandate. Struggling CNN took the brunt of the criticism that followed, the most stinging of which may have been a doctored photo of President Obama having a “Dewey Beats Truman” moment with an oversized iPad. The picture went viral and was used as a lead illustration for an article on Slate. The man behind the image? New York Daily News photog Gary He—though he doesn’t want to talk about it. Read the full Story >>

Music Photographers Protest Stone Roses Rights Grab
The British Journal of Photography
Music photogs in the UK are organizing a boycott of the much-anticipated comeback tour of rock band The Stone Roses because of a contract handed out during recent shows, reports BJP. Though music photographers have become used to signing away commercial rights to images shot at concerts, the Stone Roses’ contract restricts all usage, including editorial. The contract requires photographers to “assign to the Group, with full title guarantee, all Rights in perpetuity throughout the world…” Veteran rock photog Ian Tilton is leading the protest. Read the full Story >>

Cindy Sherman Among First Photogs Honored By National Academy
Cindy Sherman and Bruce Neuman are among the 33 artists and architects being inducted as “Academicians” by the National Academy in New York, reports UNBEIGE. It is the first time in the prestigious institution’s 187-year history that photographers have been so honored, notes PDN Pulse. Others honored this year include video artist Bill Viola. Academicians voted last year to revise the traditional categories of membership that included “Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, and Architecture” to “Visual Arts and Architecture.” Read the full Story >>

Of Note: New Tumblr Aims to Expose Photo Theft
The digital age has made it remarkably easy to find roommates, buy inexpensive books, shop for the lowest airfares…and steal photographs. Now a new Tumblr site hopes to help take a bite out of photographic crime. The site, Photo Stealers, enlists the aid of readers to help spot and identify stolen images. If you see a photograph that you think has been lifted by someone or some service, you can go to the site, fill out a Photo Stealers Submit Form, upload your tip, and become an honest-to-goodness photo crime buster. Read the full Story >>

Let's Continue the Conversation...
Please contact me (button at top) to let me know about any books, shows, or projects you’ve got going. If you "Like" the Pro Photo Daily Facebook page, you'll get updates of stories that don't make the Daily and shared stories from others. And of course we hope you will give us your opinions on some of the issues we address. You can find an archive of Pro Photo Daily posts at Follow me on Twitter @davidschonauer. Read the full Story >>

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