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Monday, January 07, 2013

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Happy New Year and welcome to another issue of Camera Career, bringing you photography news as well as advice and tips on selling your photography.

Photography News

The winners have just been announced of the National Geographic photo contest. The Society received more than 22,000 entries from over 150 countries!

Over at Digital Photography School Peter West carey explains how a new photo app for iOS, ColorTime, out-photoshops Photoshop on mobile. 

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7 Essential Items for Your Camera Bag

by Michael Kryzer

It is important to know what to pack in your camera bag before you head out for an important photography shoot. I don't mean the basics - of course you are going to pack your camera, lenses, flash, and your remote control unit if you use one. But what else should you pack? In this article I look at 7 essential items that should be in your camera bag.

Spare Batteries

It is always a good idea to pack a spare battery or two. There is always a chance that one day you will forget to charge your main camera battery or have to shoot more pictures and for longer than expected. Whatever the cause, when your main battery loses its charge, you will be glad you packed a spare.

Additional Memory Card

Make certain to pack an additional memory card for your camera, even if it's a smaller capacity card. There is not much worse than being in the middle of a shoot and discovering that your card is unexpectedly full. You don't want to delay the shoot while you decide which images to delete.

Polarizing Filter

For outdoor photography you should always pack a polarizing filter which can be used to reduce reflections and glare. Not only will you be able to reduce reflections on water and windows but you will be able to capture richer colors of nature such as deep blue skies and intricate details of plants.

Lens Cleaning Pen or Cloth

It is essential to pack a pen or cloth for cleaning lenses and filters. Make it a habit to check your lens is clean and smudge-free before you start shooting. I recommend packing a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Pen & Notebook

There will be times when you need to make notes about a photo's location or subject. Keep a small notebook and pen in the side pocket of your camera bag.

Rain Gear

Make sure you pack a plastic bag or two. Camera hate water and when you see the clouds gathering it is so easy to take out a plastic bag, put your main camera bag inside it and secure it with a knot or rubber band. A clear plastic bag can also be used to shoot in wet weather although it might be even easier with a special rainsleeve designed for this very purpose.


Additional Considerations

It's also a good idea to keep a spare lens cap or body cap handy. It's relatively inexpensive to pick up a spare one and keep it at home even if you don't pack it.

Also, if you are going away overnight, don't forget to take your battery charger.

Speaking of camera bags Amazon has a good selection here if you are in the market for one.

About the Author

Michael Kryzer is the co-author of "Sell Your Digital Photos ". He blogs about photography at and

Photography Thought for the Day

 "Owning a DSLR does not make you a photographer. It makes you a DSLR owner."

 ~ Anonymous

Featured Stock Photography Site


Based in UK with international offices.

Alamy pays freelance photographers 60% commission on each sale of one of their photos.

Also photographers with more than 100 images and 10 sales with Alamy can seek to be listed in their directory of freelance photographers available for assignment.

Alamy donates the vast proportion of its operating profits to medical research.

Sign up for your free photographer's account here.

Portraits Revealed - How to Shoot Stunning Portraits

My new guide to portrait photography, "Portraits Revealed" is now available!

Here's what readers are saying:

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"Michael Kryzer's book on portrait photography couldn't have come along at a better time... Michael's beautifully illustrated and informative book is a mainstay for me..."

"Portraits Revealed" is available here.

Digital Photography Terms


Adjusting the lens aperture to a smaller opening for example
from f/16 to f/22.


The sensitivity of a particular film to light is indicated by an ISO (International Standards Organization) number, e.g. ISO 100. A higher number indicates a faster film or greater sensitivity - it will also be grainier.

Digital cameras have adopted the same rating system for describing the sensitivity of the camera's imaging sensor, and they often have a control for adjusting ISO speed.

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