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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fw: Memorial

Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 20:06:19 -0700 (PDT)
To: Ken McCoy<>
Subject: Memorial

Memorial Building 047
Copyright 1999 Paul Calkins
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Wow!  The past week was really something.  Have a great week.  Drive safe.

Photographic Thoughts

Volume II


April 22, 2013




By Paul Calkins © 2013



The past week has been a sobering test of the American people.  On Monday, April 15th, the City of Boston, the United States and the world were subjected to a terrorist attack.  By Wednesday, April 19th  the 2,800 people in a little community of West near Waco, Texas, would be the victims, of what Pentagon explosives experts would describe as a blast  that would dwarf virtually any non-nuclear weapons in the US arsenal.  The USGS reported that the blast registered a magnitude 2.1, which is comparable to a minor earthquake.  The 270 tons of ammonium nitrate in the towns fertilizer plant, was 100 times the weight of the ammonium nitrate and fuel-oil mix used in the deadly 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which killed 168 and injured over 800.  The improvised explosive devices, unleashed in Boston were packed with the equivalent of one stick of dynamite, along with shrapnel that killed, and shredded so many lives.  Texas would see 14 dead, 11 of the dead would be volunteer first responders who rushed to the site in performance of their duty.  Two hundred people were injured by shrapnel and burning debris falling out of the sky.  Fifty residences would be blown completely apart by the explosion.

Small memorials have begun to spring in Boston near the bomb sites to commemorate the victims of the vicious attacks.  In Texas people held church services to honor those had died and prayed for the wounded.  The governor of the State of Texas would note the "truly nightmare scenario" would likely affected every family in the small community.

It was December 31, 1936 when the people of the City of Fresno came together to dedicated their Memorial Auditorium as a tribute to those veterans of the Civil War, and World War I who had served and sacrificed for their country and the pioneers who had laid the very foundations of the city.  The dedication would also be a celebration of the new year of 1937. In two more years Fresno and the world would be drawn into yet another holocaust, World War II.  Currently the Memorial Auditorium houses the Veterans Museum dedicated to those who had served in WW II.   


Thanks for listening.