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Friday, November 17, 2006

New News that you need to know.......

We didn’t think it would take this long …
… for conventional picture libraries to ape the fotoLibra model. Getty Images has just announced that if they pay a fee, photographers can choose and upload their own images. That’s the core philosophy of fotoLibra.

Of course, they haven’t crudely ripped off our business model. Instead of fotoLibra’s low monthly charge for uploading, storing and marketing as many images as you like, Getty Images charge you a whopping FIFTY DOLLARS for every single picture you want to upload!

fotoLibra charges £6 / $11.33 per month
— Getty Images charges £26.48 / $50 per picture

fotoLibra gives you up to three gigabytes of image storage space
— Getty Images limits you to a maximum of 40 images

fotoLibra gives Platinum Members unlimited image storage space
— Getty Images limits you to a maximum of 40 images

fotoLibra pays Members 50% of net sales receipts (60% for Platinum Members)
— Getty Images lets you have 30% of the sale price

fotoLibra markets your images on a non-exclusive basis
— Getty Images demands exclusivity for two years

Here’s the full article from pdnewswire.

Smile Please!
The Dear Leader pointed this one out to me, and featured it in his blog, and it’s so good I’m simply going to repeat what he wrote here:
I learned a new word today. No, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Armed as I am with such a spectacular vocabulary, it's pleasant to come across words one hasn't encountered before.
This is how it came about. Jacqui sent out a Picture Call yesterday asking for pictures of bunnies and day-old chicks in long meadow grass with daisies and butterflies etc etc. Perfect for November.
I was looking through some of the submissions and my eye was caught by the most amazing sight: a grinning daisy. Ah, I thought, someone's just found the Liquify filter in Photoshop, and what's more he can't spell Fascinated.
I looked closer. It was a very fine piece of Photoshopping. Then I looked at the keyword Fasciated again. Fascinated didn't fit the context. So I turned to the dictionary:
Botany: showing abnormal fusion of parts or organs, resulting in a flattened, ribbonlike structure.
Blimey. Maybe it was real. So I downloaded the image, checked it out and it's real. Not a hint of Photoshopping here. This actually exists. The only thing we did to the image was to correct photographer Mike Lester's spelling of Daisy.
What an amazing photograph. Well done, Mike!

Twenty per Cent Bigger Previews
When you upload a picture to the fotoLibra web site, we create Thumbnails and Previews from your original image. Now that almost every buyer has broadband, we thought we could risk embiggening the file sizes — so with effect from image ID #195438 all the Previews on the site are 20% larger. We think this is a perfectly cromulent idea. Buyers will be able to see much more detail in the images before they decide to buy. We’re also applying this retrospectively, so that in time all the Previews on the site will be 20% larger than they were, but please be patient as this will take a while.

fotoLibra Submission Guidelines
I know I only posted the link in the last Newsletter, but things move fast in this biz and our Guidelines have already been revised and updated to include the new BAPLA / Pic4Press XMP metadata panel. So please download the latest PDF (Version 2.2) from fotoLibra Submission Guidelines.

Picture Buyers: Free USB Flash Memory when you buy a picture from us!
We’re giving away this exclusive fotoLibra-branded USB flash memory device to everyone who spends a minimum of £100 / €150 / $190 with us before January 21st 2007.
The Small Print: Orders must be placed before January 21st 2007; Minimum picture invoice value (excl. VAT) £100 / €150 / $190; Memory device is a 128MB USB Flash drive; Despatched within 28 days of invoice payment; One drive per customer only; Limited stock — first come first served.

How would you like one of your photographs (or any of the other 157,000 wonderful images on the fotoLibra site) blown up so large it would cover an entire wall in your house? We have the technology ... and pretty soon we'll be able to offer the service to all our Members. Watch this space.