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Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Photo Book avail!!!!

Sep 28, 2007 11:09 ET

The Animals Around Us: Photographer Captures Rainbow Array of Animals in New Book

HAMILTON, Ohio, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- "I dedicate this book to all the animals in the world," writes Deborah Oelrich in the dedication of her new book, "Animals" (published by AuthorHouse - "I also dedicate this book to all the children that will enjoy it." This simple and heartfelt dedication is indicative of the spirit carried throughout Oelrich's book, which features colorful photos of animals from farms, zoos and wild habitats across Ohio and the rest of the United States.

Oelrich's photographs are pure and simple, showcasing the rainbow array of animals she has had the opportunity to capture on film. The cover is a great clue to the wide variety of animals included in Oelrich's book. Featuring a wandering flock of geese, a regal tiger in the midst of grooming itself, a rough and wrinkled rhinoceros, and a horse grazing in a serene field, the cover gives readers just a taste of the rich and clean photography inside.

From a majestic peacock with its tail fanned out in full glory to an enormous manatee gliding gracefully through the water, the animals are portrayed resting, grazing, preening and playing, and each photograph features a straightforward, one-word description of the animal. Oelrich, an amateur photographer who simply enjoys taking pictures pertaining to nature, designed the book so that it would be accessible and valuable to readers of all ages. Very young children can use the book to learn to recognize different animals. Slightly older children can use it as a beginning reading book, learning to identify an animal and its written name. The book can also be used to spark discussion surrounding an animal's environment, eating habits, sounds, and similarities and differences with other animals.

No matter how the book is used, Oelrich hopes that it inspires readers to learn more about each animal on their own. "I want readers to become interested in the animals in our world," she writes. "A reader can see what a stunning world we live in and learn to value what we have around us."

Oelrich lives in Ohio, where - in addition to taking photos - she enjoys basket-weaving, crafts, and hand-making and donating Christmas ornaments to charity. She has worked as a preschool and daycare teacher, and she loves the outdoors, taking walks whenever she can. She is also the author of "Enjoying the Wonders of the World" (published by AuthorHouse).

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