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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fw: Last roll of Kodachrome

I still have my D1!!!!!
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Subject: Last roll of Kodachrome

A link from the NPPA news site.

"He placed a loupe — a magnifier that makes it easier to view film —
over one frame and took a closer look at the film."

What is the ancient loupe technology of which you speak?

Read more:

Though I guess loupes will live on as video viewfinders on Canon 5D and 7Ds.

But sadly no Kodachrome. With all the shadow highlight tools in
Photoshop and ability to bring out so much shadow and highlight detail
I sometimes have to look at old Kodachrome slides to remind myself of
what real contrast actually looks like.

It only took 11 years from the introduction of the horrible yet
ubiquitous Nikon D1 to the death of Kodachrome.

Oh by the way you can get a D1 on ebay for under $169.00. Some are
even going for $50. To think they cost 100 times that just a decade
ago when the D1 was touted as the first "affordable digital SLR".

Matthew Hinton