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Monday, July 09, 2012

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David SchonauerMonday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Update: Photo News You May Have Missed
By David Schonauer
A photographer's homemade helicopter disturbs wildlife on Alcatraz and lands him in trouble...Panasonic sues a Hong Kong model for leaking pix of its Lumix DMC-GF5...Canon delays EF 24-70mm lens...why Shutterstock is a better investment than Instagram...seeing the world in a new and eerie way with slit-scan video...Olympus joins Google in developing wearable-display glasses...a photographer recreates famous photos with Star Wars action figures...and more photography news from the week past. Read the full Story >>

University of California To Pay Photog $162K for Wrongful Arrest
The San Francisco Chronicle
Photographer David Morse, who sued the University of California after being arrested while covering a student protest in 2009, will receive $162,500 as a settlement, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. UC Berkeley police arrested Morse during a protest at the home of the university’s chancellor after allegedly first telling him they wanted his camera to identify protestors who had committed vandalism. Morse was charged with rioting, arson, and vandalism. PDN Pulse adds that UC cops will receive media training as part of the settlement. Read the full Story >>

"Unbeatable" Donna Ferrato Launches Domestic Violence Campaign
The New York Times
Donna Ferrato has been crusading against domestic violence as both a photographer and public advocate for 30 years: Her landmark 1991 book Sleeping with the Enemy raised awareness of the issue and helped lead to stronger laws against domestic violence. Now, she tells the New York Times’s Lens blog, she’s had enough. “It’s really depressing,” she says. But Ferrato is nonetheless launching a new campaign called “I Am Unbeatable” celebrating women who have left abusive partners. It starts with a three-month bus tour and will result in a film and new book. Read the full Story >>

Tech: Is Apple Already Developing Better Retina iPad?
The era of high-resolution displays was born earlier this year when Apple introduced the Retina display on its latest iPad. Photogs and others were wildly enthusiastic about the way pictures looked on the new tablet…though some people complained that it was heavier than the iPad 2 and tended to get very hot. Apple initially said it didn’t, but now TechCrunch reports the company may already be retooling the new iPad with a different battery and LCD backlighting scheme to make it lighter and cooler. Read the full Story >>

I.C.P. To Teach Lady Gaga Method for Self-Expression
More and more often, photographic projects are event- and performance-driven the International Center of Photography is offering a course in August called “Lady Gaga: A Platform for Self-Expression through Photography.” The one-week workshops, led by Lyndsey McAdams and Jamie Liles, are aimed at students who wish "to develop an approach to expressing one’s identity in a performative and visual way through photography.” Enrollees will study Gaga’s artistry and how she has “challenged and confronted societal boundaries for self-expression.” Read the full Story >>

Photog Joe Klamar Explains His Controversial Olympic Portraits
Ever since AFP photog Joe Klamar’s portraits of U.S. Olympic team athletes emerged, people have been trying to explain why they looked…so bad. Some said Klamer’s photos were purposely degrading; others said they made a statement about the limitations of photo ops. Now Klamer himself explains on AFP’s website why he shot the pictures as he did: He arrived at the photo event unprepared, with only two cameras, three lenses, one flash, and a laptop. “I really had no idea that there would be a possibility for setting up a studio,” he says. Read the full Story >>

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