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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Fw: Rescue

Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2013 20:36:32 -0700 (PDT)
To: Ken McCoy<>
Subject: Rescue

Copyright 2005 Paul Calkins

Fire Rescue 3 103e

F-stop 5.6 Exposure 1/400 second ISO 400


Another week.  All this early heat has me concerned.  I spent many a planning session regarding the counties, and their populations in the foot hills!


Photographic Thoughts

Volume II


July 08, 2013




By Paul Calkins © 2013


Photographic Thoughts during this Fourth of July weekend turn to those brave men and women who are everyday heroes charging into the fiery hell to save lives and protect property.  They ride to the scene in urban and wild land fire engines.  Some go to work parachuting into the inferno, while others fly into the flames to drop water, and fire retardant.  These brave individuals hold fire science degrees, pilots' licenses, Bachelors and Masters Degrees, and they are the ultimate of cool in very bad situations. The work requires an athletic dedication, of running, hiking, core exercises, and weight training. In addition most are trained paramedics; I trust them with my life.  I might add that some have served in the U.S. armed forces, and wanted to continue service to country.


 Fire is a dynamic foe, you can never be sure of its next move.  You are not only fighting fire, you are fighting the ground, and the weather.  Arizona and the rest of the United States owe 19 young elite fire fighters a monument for their heroic actions. These brave individuals took the challenge to save a small community of Glen Ilah near the town of Yarnell, Arizona. 

It would be a fast moving black flag of a thunderstorm,  that would bring hell on earth doom  upon these men.  The team gave no quarter, and took the steps to beat the holocaust.  Their brother firefighter crews in helicopters above, desperately tried to come to their rescue, their eyes peered into the dense smoke looking for a path of salvation for those on the ground.  The team would be found, huddled together, shelters deployed.  This place is now hallowed ground.

I would like to thank the Fresno Fire Department Technical Rescue Team, for letting me photograph their hard work and training.  They dedicate their lives every day to save you and me.


Thanks for listening.