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Thursday, October 26, 2006

FotoLibra Submission Info

fotoLibra Submission Guidelines

The closer you stick to the fotoLibra Submission Guidelines, the easier it is for us to market your photographs. We’ve had submission guidelines floating around on the site since we started, but finally the Dear Leader lost patience and insisted they were all correlated and put together in a handy 296K PDF document which you can download and refer to easily.

What’s more, unlike most PDF documents, it’s designed to be read on your computer without you having to scroll all over the place. And it will be regularly updated; I’ll give update links in future newsletters.
So if you need to know about 8 Bit Or 16 Bit , Born Digital, Captions & Keywords, CMYK, Compression, Copyright, DPI / PPI, File Formats, File Names, File Sizes, Film Submissions, Genuine Fractals®, Gwyn Headley’s Shots Of Redemption, Interpolation, IPTC, Licensing, Manipulation, Megabytes, Megapixels, Metadata, Photoshop®, Pixel Dimensions, Postal Address, Profile, Raw, Reproduction Rights, RGB, Rights Managed, Royalty Free, Scans From Transparencies Or Negatives, Sharpening, Subjects, Taxonomy Matrix, Typochecker, Uploads — and believe me, you do — then please download the current fotoLibra Submission Guidelines (version 2.1) from fotoLibra Submission Guidelines

BAPLA Digital Guidelines
The British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies has produced another essential document intended primarily for picture libraries and stock agencies but which gives Best Practice counsel for photographers. If you are serious about being a fotoLibra member we strongly recommend you read and follow both this and the fotoLibra Submission guidelines. You can download the BAPLA document from here:BAPLA Digital Guidelines

Picture Call overview

We do our best to give you as much information as possible about what the exact brief is and pass on everything (and often more) that the researcher tells us she wants including –
i) the content of the image
ii) the format – either landscape or portrait where relevant
iii) the file size/pixel dimensions
iv) the colour (nearly always full colour)
v) the location
vi) the Code keyword (which must NOT be used on its own)
vii) the deadline
In future, when we have them, we will also try to give image references to show what is and isn’t suitable, though please understand our brief to you can only be as good as the one supplied by the picture researcher.
But this is another plea to ask you to read each Picture Call carefully and make absolutely sure that all aspects of the brief are met in your submitted images. (Please don’t throw the Jigsaw call back in my face!) Landscape images are not suitable for a portrait book jacket; temples in Thailand are not going to find a place in a book on American Places of Worship.
We give you the means of putting your work in front of picture researchers who want to buy; please don’t waste that opportunity and let yourself down.

Picture Calls Update
Live calls:
More contributions are still welcome; find the full details at our RSS feed (needs a News Reader or an RSS enabled browser).
Secondary Science (SCILAL) – closes 26th October
Desert Drought (SNODES) – closes 31st October
Jigsaws (JUMJIG) – closes February 2007
The Female Face (FEFACE) -- no images selected yet; ongoing
Farsi Speakers (IRANAT) -- ongoing project
Invasive Species (WGSGB) -- still live; the packager has not yet placed the book project with a publisher
North American Birds (HYNAMB) -- still live
Surf's Up (SURFSUP) -- still live; the packager has not yet placed the book project with a publisher
Villainesses (BLAKRIME) -- ongoing project
Landscapes (RHLAND) -- ongoing project