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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PhotoReflect Update!!! Please Read

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Tip of the Month for April: Stop being undercut!
Spotlight On: Two PhotoReflect tools = One powerful "punch"
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What's selling best these days

April 2010

Stop Being Undercut

Almost every day a new editorial in trade magazines posits that the state of the economy these days has created an outpouring of amateur photographers that are undercutting your well-researched prices and taking business away from you.
We take a good, hard look at this phenomenon in our most recent blog post. Not only do we link to several articles based on specialty such as wedding, sports and stock photography on the matter, but we go beyond the general advice on taking and presenting great shots by advising with some marketing tips that are designed to illustrate your competitive advantage over parents and people with a good camera and who will give their pictures away for free.

While we recognize this is no simple "tip of the month" since you have to click this link to read the article, the easiest and best tip really is that you should subscribe or bookmark the ExpressDigital Dialog blog for more photography industry insight and breaking news. It has been recently re-designed with new tools, features and focus on the photography business industry – and not just DARKROOM and PhotoReflect tips (and we really think you will like it).

  Two PhotoReflect Tools -- Sending Unique Event Emails & Promotion Codes --
Combined can be an awesome marketing one-two punch to get you more sales and a chance to collect more email addresses at the same time.

Imagine this "hypothetical" scenario. You want to collect as many email addresses as possible to be able to promote not only your business but also that the photo event you just shot is now online for sale … but most folks are hesitant to hand over their info simply because you ask for it.

So, you come up with a way to encourage the event organizers and guests to supply email addresses:

  You hand out a flyer and/or put up a poster mentioning that if they give you their email address before or at the event, you will email them a special promotion code good for 10% off their purchase.
  If this event is a wedding, for example, you tell the bride and groom that you can offer wedding guests a free snapshot of themselves or the big day but only if you get their email addresses in advance.
  If you are a school or sport photographer explain to the contractor that if they collect the email addresses of interested parties you will send them all a special coupon code.
  Or, really, any combination or variation above that suits your business.
It's a pretty reasonable plan since, after all said and done, if you can pull this plan off without a hitch you will now, all of a sudden, have a great set of email addresses of potential future customers and anyone that would be looking for a nice holiday present at the end of the year.

The trick is 'pulling this plan off without a hitch' part, right? Wrong. Because you are using PhotoReflect this could not be any easier to do.


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What's selling best on PhotoReflect
Last month's best selling item (that is not a single print) was playing cards.

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