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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fw: Legacy

Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 21:04:59 -0700 (PDT)
To: Ken McCoy<>
Subject: Legacy

Copyright 2005 Paul Calkins
Old Fresno Water Tower 039e
f/stop 9 Exposure 1/200 ISO-400

Another week gone!  Time seems to fly, I am counting down the days until class.  Hope all is well.


Photographic Thoughts
Volume II
July 15, 2013
By Paul Calkins © 2013
Fresno, California is filled with historic architecture.  You can go downtown to the government offices, and suddenly you are standing in front of one of those places.
 In this case it was one of those Saturday mornings, when I had to go downtown to participate in a conference call about 'excessive' winter cold.  I finished the day and on my way back to my vehicle, I looked up and saw the Old Fresno Water tower.   This beautiful piece of antique structure is a matter of pride to the people of Fresno.  In the age of urban renewal this water tower represents classical permanence.  The Old Fresno Water Tower is located at Fresno and O Streets in downtown Fresno. George Washington Maher a Chicago architect was commissioned to design Fresno's water tower in 1891. It was built in the American Romanesque style.  It is constructed of red brick, each layer smaller than the one below it, to produce a beehive effect. It also has a two-foot thick inner wall, and an outer wall of about fourteen inches. There is a passage, or hollow space, about three feet wide between the two walls. It stands 109 feet high, with a 250,000 gallon water tank.  The outside of the tower has a painted surface over the brick construction.  It was completed in 1894, and was in constant use until 1963, when the pumping machinery was no longer adequate.  In 2001 the second floor was removed and the interior of the tower remodeled to become the visitors' center for the City and County of Fresno. The water tower today remains Fresno's most distinctive and enduring architectural symbols.  I have photographed the water tower at every time of the day and season. Incidentally this particular photograph graced the cover of the City Scape Awards for Tree Fresno.
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