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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween Photo Request

I have a Halloween request for a book on “holidays around the world” for 2-4 graders (7 to 9 years old).

They are looking for images of school-age kids (not too young please) but it’s ok if there are adults in the images to, colorful, engaging, evocative and that show as much cultural diversity as possible…

Some ideas the client sent:

buying candy

handing out candy

carving pumpkins

decorating the house

ghost tours

making pumpkin pie

roasting pumpkin seeds

kids trick or treating in the country

kids trick or treating in the city (they go to stores instead of houses!) hay rides making costumes kids in costumes bobbing for apples bonfires (in UK or elsewhere) lanterns (in Asia or elsewhere) picking apples/ making apple cider costume parades telling ghost stories

Please DO NOT send images of adult Halloween parties, no minidress nurses or tiny-bra’s mermaids or Draculas drinking bear… and please send ONLY pictures you consider strong enough to be in a book.

Deadline: Nov 15th


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