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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fw: Early Morning

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 15:07:22 -0700 (PDT)
To: Ken McCoy<>
Subject: Early Morning

Copyright 2011 Paul Calkins
San Giovanni at rest
f/stop 9 Exposure 1/320 second ISO 400 

Things to do, wanted to get this one out just in case.  Drive safe and take care.


Photographic Thoughts
Volume II
July 29, 2013
Early Morning
By Paul Calkins © 2013
 I think some of the best light for photography is early morning light.  In fact just before sunrise will do a great job.  There is one drawback to the early morning work; I want to hug my pillow.  This particular light is soft and easy to photograph in.  In addition I get to see things that I would ordinarily miss.  You see in the early hours of the morning, crews, pulling together, organizing to accomplish tasks for the day.  In this case it would the labors of commercial fishermen starting their scheduled voyage into the Pacific Ocean out of Monterey, California.  This particular occupation has been going on in this place since 1880s when Sicilian fishermen and their families began settling in on the bay.  The climate and ocean reminded them of their old home, complete with an abundance of fish.
In this particular case, the crew of the San Giovanni had not yet, arrived at their work station.  A young sea lion, swimming about, decided that boats docking buoy would be an ideal place for a short rest and a chance to soak up the warmth of a November sun.  No other sea lions were around, to compete for space. Most of the time the buoy supports numerous animals, laying around, pushing, shoving, barking and squirming to find comfort on a very subdivided space. Occasionally a Sea Gull would briefly look at such tempting real-estate, but would fly on after noting the raucous inhabitants.   The young animal, hauled itself out, moved around to find a comfortable sunning spot. Suddenly it stopped, in its attempt to find just the right spot.  The animal struck a pose that I have rarely seen.  I took the shot.  I took several more photographs that morning of the wharf, boats, and California Brown Pelicans, but that one stood out.
I heartily recommend getting out when the chickens are clearing their eyes, and throats, and see what you can find when the day is new.
Thanks for listening.