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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Hi Members

An educational publisher needs the following images:

1. Portrait of John Napier (1550–1617) the Scottish mathematician who invented logarithms and the use of the decimal point
2. Close-up of a slide rule (showing the logarithmic scale)
3. A micrometer screw gauge
4. Cell division through a microscope (following a geometric progression)
5. Space rocket taking off
6. Model(s) of cone(s) with section removed to reveal parabola, frustum of cones, etc.
7. The Olympic flag, showing the interlocking circles
8. A ladder resting against a wall to demonstrate a right-angled triangle
9. A compass with degrees marked on (Silva compass)
10. An aeroplane in the sky with prominent vapour trail
11. A photograph to convey the impression of transformations, something involving mirrors and reflections, or a photograph and an enlargement of the same photograph, or Russian matryoshka dolls in a row

Upload data:
1. DEADLINE: Monday November 6th 2006; 09:00 GMT
2. FILESIZE: 300dpi, colour, file size >3MB.
3. CODE KEYWORD: MACMAT (input this among all your other apposite keywords and NEVER use the Code Keyword as your only keyword. Describe the image in full as normal.)
4. CATEGORISE UNDER: Relevant subject category

If you feel you already have existing images on the site which fit the bill, just add the unique code keyword to them.

And remember, the only way you can make your pictures available for consideration by the buyers in any Picture Call is to upload them to the fotoLibra site and to include the special Code Keyword among your other keywords. Please do not mark your images as Royalty Free and do not send them to me as there is nothing I can do with them — my opinion would be highly subjective and probably not helpful. Please also make sure that they always match or exceed the requested resolutions and file sizes.

Kind regards

Jacqui Norman