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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Freelance Photo and Video Workshop April 17th!!!

9Th Annual Freelance Photography/Citizen Journalism Workshop
Saturday April 17th, 2010
Cost:$65.00 before April 7th, 2010
($95.00 after April 8, 2010)
Time:10 am to 1 pm,(followed by a 15 min Q and A Session)

How to Sell Images....
Citizen Journalism/New Changes in Media....
Using Social Media(Twitter,Facebook,Myspace,etc) to obtain Clients...
PT Self-Employment...
How the Business Really Works!!!
Syndication and Copyright.....
Networking Properly....
Pitching your Work....
Invoicing and Payments to you..
Basic Pricing( How to Charge for your services)...
Ecommerce Online.....
Getting Paid and More!!!!!
Learn From 29 year,Syndicated Photojournalist,Ken McCoy(sold to Newsweek,TV Guide,AP,UPI,Getty Images,HBO,US Magazine,Star Magazine and more!!!!!

*private consulting available for an additional fee

Seats are being reserved quickly .... Don't Miss Out!!!!

Rodeway Inn
6730 N. Blackstone( Blackstone at Herndon)
Fresno Ca 93710
Get your SPOT! call: 213 948 6611 or email: Subject: Freelance Seminar
Sponsored By:Custom Wireless,Fotech Imaging Labs,Express Digital, Ken McCoy.TV, Ken McCoy Entertainment,GY Kasper Enterprises(Gary and Yulanda Kasper),Drexcel Najerian

PayPal Users can Pay Here ( using the "BUY NOW LOGO" .

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Fw: Painet - Bill Bachmann Cuba trip 2010

------Original Message------
From: painet15
To: Ken McCoy
Subject: Painet - Bill Bachmann Cuba trip 2010
Sent: Jan 19, 2010 6:01 AM

Successful travel and stock photographer Bill Bachmann will be directing
another Cuba Photo Mission from March 28th thru April 9th, 2010. This
trip is Bill's third 13-day directed trip with the opportunity to see
time stand still in Cuba from the 1950's before the embargo started. This
will be a wonderful opportunity to take photos of all the old Classic 50s
autos, colorful people, colorful music, and fabulous old buildings before
the embargo gets lifted and Cuba changes forever.

His group will have a special Humanitarian Visa to fly directly via
45-minute charter American Eagle flight to/from Miami to Havana. Bill has
traveled extensively throughout Cuba four times and several Painet
shooters just returned from a wonderful adventure with his last trip in
October, 2009. The price is right and we also will bring much-needed
medical supplies to this colorful country and people.

This trip will fill up quickly, so for more information, look at Bill's
website . Bill is on assignment this month in
Tunisia in the Sahara Desert, so if you want all the information about
the trip, email him at his traveling email billbachmann@yahoo. com and he
will get back with you with the itinerary, pricing, and all other
information. This is a rare opportunity, so don't pass it up.

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Painet Inc.
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Montezuma, NM 87731
tel: 701-484-1251 (toll free Google Voice)
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Fw: Sports Shooter Newsletter Contest

From: Robert Hanashiro <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 00:54:08 -0800
To: Robert Hanashiro<>
Subject: Sports Shooter Newsletter Contest


Just a reminder that the deadline for the Sports Shooter Newsletter Annual Contest is approaching quickly: SUPER BOWL SUNDAY FEBRUARY 7, 2010.

This year's Sports Shooter Newsletter Annual Contest will feature five categories, plus the Photograph of the Year:
1) Best Action Photo
2) Best No Pro, No College
3) Best Sports feature
4) Best Sports Picture Story
5) Best Student Sports Photo
6) Photograph of the Year

The top winners of the Sports Shooter Annual Contest will win a cool prize from Think Tank Photo.

For details on the Airport International roller and the Low Divider kit, check these links:

The Best Action Photo is any image depicting peak game action on the field of play or within the arena or stadium holding the event.

Best No Pro, No College entries should be images from a sports event that does not involve a professional or major college team. The spirit of this category is to recognize work produced from non-major sports, leagues or teams. This could be high school, junior college or even little league events.

Sports Feature entries can be any image that does not center on game action. This category should include photographs of jubilation and dejection, as well as portraits.

The Best Student Sports Photo category is open to FULL-TIME students or students working in an internship and at the time the entry were made. Entries for this category can be any sports - related images, action or feature.

Best Sports Picture Story entries should contain no more than 10 photographs and should have a defined story related to sports or athletes. Photographs should be ordered (labeled) in the way the photographer wants the entry to be viewed. Complete captions are important. "Photo essays" are also eligible to be entered in this category.

The Photo of the Year entries will be gathered from the winners of the other categories and will receive the top prize from Sports Shooter. YOU DO NOT SEND ENTRIES IN FOR THIS CATEGORY.

All entries must have been taken during calendar year 2009.

The deadline for submitting entries for the Sports Shooter Newsletter Annual Contest is midnight pacific time, Super Bowl Sunday February 7, 2010.
The Sports Shooter Contest is open to Sports Shooter Newsletter subscribers, members of and alums of the Sports Shooter Academy workshops.

If you receive the monthly e-mail version of the Sports Shooter Newsletter or you're a member of, you are eligible to enter the contest. If you've been reading Sports Shooter on the web only, you can subscribe via the website ( and request to be placed on the mailing list. members in good standing are also eligible to enter as well as participants in any of the Sports Shooter Academy Workshops.
We recommend all images be prepared in Adobe Photoshop. Images should be sized at a resolution of 72 PPI, with the largest dimension 16-19 inches. Files should be saved as JPEGs at a quality setting of 8 (or medium).

Picture of the Year 2007: Pepperdine's Jason Walberg, #12, gouges the eyes of Brigham Young University's Jonathan Tavernari, #45, during the first half of the game. No foul was called on the play.

Decide on a unique photographer's code of 4 to 6 letters, to be used to label each of your entries. Your entries should be first labeled with the number of the category: 1 - Best Action Photo; 2 - No Pro, No College; 3 - No Ball; 4 - Sports Picture Story; 5 - Student Sports Photo --- followed by your unique code; followed by sequential two-digit numbers corresponding to the number of photos you are entering in that category.

3rodmar01.jpg ("3" = Feature Category; "rodmar" is the unique photographer code; "01" indicates it is your first entry in this category.)

4bradm07.jpg ("4" = Sports Picture Story category; "bradm" is the unique photographer code; "07" is the number of the photograph in the picture story.)

Entries that do not follow the naming convention will be rejected.
A complete caption is required for each entry. Your caption should include the location the photo was taken, the date it was shot, ID's and your byline. This information should be written in the "File Info" portion of the image in Photoshop.

FRESNO, CA - 11/07/2009: University of Hawaii quarterback Inoke Funaki celebrates with teammates after throwing a 28-yard touchdown against Fresno State in the 3rd quarter at Bulldog Stadium. Hawaii went on to a 32-29 overtime win over the Bulldogs.
Photo by Jordan Murph, Sports Shooter
In the "File info" of your entry, make sure you type your full name in the "Author" field and your email address in the "Author Title" field. (If you have an older version of Photoshop or are using a different image editing software, make sure this info is listed somewhere in the "File Info".)
Entries are to be submitted by e-mail and must be received by midnight (Pacific Time) on Feb. 7, 2010, Super Bowl Sunday. Entries are limited to 12 per photographer. A picture story counts as a single entry.

In the "Subject" field of the email header, type in "Contest Entry" followed by the number of entries attached to the email. For instance if you have 3 entries attached out of 6 total, type in the Subject field: "Contest Entry 3 of 6".

You can enter an image in just one category. For instance, you cannot enter your cool prep football photograph in both the "Best Action" category and " Best No Pro, No College ".

Failure to follow the rules for labeling, captioning and preparing entries will result in disqualification. Files that are sized too large will not be accepted.
Before e-mailing your entries, please take a few minutes to double check that you've sized your images correctly, have a complete caption in the file info and the entry is labeled correctly. ALSO: Please virus-scan your entry.
Email entries to:

Failure to follow any of the entry rules will result in the disqualification of your entry. Also if you submit an entry into the wrong category, it is up to the judges' discretion to move it to the appropriate category.

You can see all of the winning entries in the previous contests on

To view a video made during the 2006 contest judging, click on this link:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fw: POYi Deadline This Friday

------Original Message------
From: Picture of the Year International
To: Ken McCoy
Subject: POYi Deadline This Friday
Sent: Jan 13, 2010 11:28 AM

Hello, Kenneth:

The deadline to enter the 67th annual Pictures of the Year International
(POYi) is fast approaching and we invite you to submit your online
registration and entry at

The deadline to receive entries online is Friday, January 15.

The POYi contest promotes the work of photojournalists through educational
public exhibitions. By entering POYi, your images reach out to citizen
worldwide, reflecting the news events, social issues, and cultural trends of
our time.

To enter the 67th annual competition, please visit our Web site at If you need further assistance, you are welcome to email us
at and we will be happy to help.

We look forward to your participation.

Rick Shaw, Director
Pictures of the Year International

Fw: LIFE Picks of the Week for January 13

From: "" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 16:36:01 -0500 (EST)
To: <>
Subject: LIFE Picks of the Week for January 13

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Picks of the Week

When a massive, 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, it took less than a minute for the quake -- the largest to hit the desperately poor Caribbean nation in more than 200 years -- to destroy large swaths of the capital city, Port-au-Prince. The photographs that emerged from the devastation (the quake struck with a force equivalent to 35 Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs, according to one expert) are chilling, heartrending, and, occasionally, inspiring, as survivors worked to bring order to the chaos and rescue victims still trapped amid what seemed ruins without end.

Take a Look

Editor's Favorites
In case you missed them: Great galleries worth a look
Haiti: Life Before the Quake
23 Photos
Golden Globes: '50s and '60s
19 Photos
Rock Stars In Flight
19 Photos
Meet Yun Zi, San Diego's Baby Panda
10 Photos
Fallen Heroes: Baseball & Steroids
11 Photos
The Lives of Mighty Lions Hunting, mating, roaring: In 1966, LIFE photographer John Dominis studied the lives of mighty lions.
Editor's Picks
The photos that made our readers click like crazy
'Avatar': Jet-Setting With the Cast World War II: In Praise of the RAF The Week's Best Photos Inside Mysterious Yemen
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Fw: Two new ways to stay connected to Nikon.

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Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 03:07:09 -0500 (EST)
To: <>
Subject: Two new ways to stay connected to Nikon.

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Camera Info:

NYT: An Old-Fashioned Camera in a Digital Age
For more:
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