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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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@dblodgett1: @NikonUSA When changing lenses, do so quickly and with the camera body facing down. Gravity helps prevent dust from entering the body.

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Camera Sensor

Do you know how to clean your cameras sensor? This will need to be done sooner or later, and you should know the right way of doing this so you don't damage your camera! See how with these tips HERE----->

Sunday, May 19, 2013

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@BHPhotoVideo: The B&H 2013 Wedding Photography Guide via B&H InDepth

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@Needimages: Amazing Photo of "Sacre Coeur" in Paris ~ (Vintage Series) via @RainerGS

Fw: Stars from Paul Calkins

Date: Sun, 19 May 2013 16:41:32 -0700 (PDT)
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Copyright 2005 Paul Calkins

Star Fish 90

F stop 3.5 Exposure time 1/6 sec ISO 400 Focal length 22 mm


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Photographic Thoughts

Volume II


May 20, 2013




By Paul Calkins © 2013



When you think of stars, and you live in California, images of movie sets, and Hollywood spring to mind.  If you happen to be in San Diego County on Palomar Mountain, you would think of the 200 inch Hale Telescope, Caltech, and one of their famous visiting scientists Albert Einstein.  I have been to Palomar twice, and each time it evoked peaceful and amazing thoughts.  The telescope mirror was made of what in its time was a new glass material, Pyrex.  The new glass was found to be the best material for such a large telescope mirror because it was not prone to distortion caused by heat and cold.

  I remember with much fondness star gazing on cold nights on the old family farm in Southwest Washington.  It provided the wide open spaces free of surrounding forests to look up at the Milky Way.  The farm was far away from the small city of Longview, so light pollution was not a concern, and when there was clear unclouded night, you could see into the eternity of space and time.  The foothills of the Central Valley also provide ideal viewing of the night sky.  The vantage point does have a drawback, the cities that dot the Valley floor.  The valley lights are beautiful distant views, that are wonderful to photograph, but alas can distract from the overhead panorama.  I have heard recently that the lights from the metropolitan areas of San Diego County are starting to do encroach on the spectacular night views from Palomar.   

The idea of stars, leads me to other wonderful visions.  Newport, Oregon has brought the idea of starry visions in another venue.  This small town on the Oregon, coast has among one of its attraction a world class aquarium.  It has many wonderful displays, mostly outdoors.  One of the tanks is mostly devoted to Asteroidea, or the common star fish.  The aquarium and this particular display are one of my favorite stops on the Pacific Coast. 


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Thursday, May 16, 2013

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@photojack: This week "Through the Lens of an iPhone" via @glyn_e

Friday, May 03, 2013

10 questions To Be answered at the Business of Photography Workshop

10 Questions:

Why do professional photographers charge what they charge?

Who owns the rights to photos and how does that work?

What should do to back up my images in case I lose my photo cd?

How do I find Markets for my work?

How does Copyright work and how does it affect me?

Contracts: Are they complicated?

How does bookkeeping work for jobs?

Do I have to own an expensive camera to start?

How do I get credibility and recognized as a real Photographer?

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