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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fw: The Camera you have (from Paul Calkins -Photog)

Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 19:11:55 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: The Camera you have

Some thoughts on the photographic arts...

Photographic Thoughts

Volume I

December 31, 2012


The Camera you have


By Paul Calkins © 2102


You are driving along on News Years Eve, suddenly you notice the high Sierra mountain range with snow blazing, a beautiful backdrop to the City of Fresno.  Fresno, California sits in the almost exact center of the state. The city is the agricultural capital of the San Joaquin Valley.  This land feature is located geographically between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Coast range; it has the distinction as the most polluted air basins in the world.  Recent winter storms cleared the smog to reveal magnificent views. 


Wow!  I was motivated to capture this spectacular photographic moment.  I wanted my full frame camera with telephoto lens.  I reached into my camera bag; all I had was my old digital Canon SLR Rebel with an 18-55 mm lens.   It was great execution with poor results.  The image was the best for the conditions and instrument at hand.   Unfortunately I could not capture the distant mountains with snow.  You can only make out the faint outline of the mighty Sierra; the rest is overwhelmed by a common street scene.


This reminded me that some of the most historic, and vivid photographs during our times have been taken by people with disposable cardboard box cameras, cell phones, and every manner of point and shoot camera.  Photography in addition to the technical aspects is also dependent on light, location, time and circumstance.  You could be walking along and see some event close at hand that would make headlines around the world, you take out your cell phone and make a snap shot.  Upload this photograph to a news agency, and you could possibly be famous and rich! 


I will wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fw: 15 Ways to Keep the Rain off your Camera

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Subject: 15 Ways to Keep the Rain off your Camera

Videomaker eNews: Free articles and videos to help you succeed in video production.

Your Guide to Creating and Publishing Great Video!

15 Rainy Day Video Fixes

15 Rainy Day Video Fixes

Last week we talked about creative shooting in the wintertime, the amazing light reflections and the beauty of the season. That was the Good reason to get creative in the rainy season. Today, we'll talk about the Bad and the Ugly - getting out there on a rainy day and getting wet, while still protecting your gear. Here are our 15 tips for shooting in the rain, but remember, we're not talking about a heavy rain like in a hurricane or flood - you need extreme care there that goes beyond this story! Learn more at 15 Rainy Day Video Fixes.

Extreme Video Surge!

Extreme Video Surge!

Motorcycle racing, rock climbing, and underwater adventures are just a few extreme activities you can capture on film. If you've tried to capture them already, you know that working in extreme environments or in any situation with high activity can be challenging. Learning about extreme shooting, picking up some action shooting techniques, and exploring new gear will make that challenge a little less intimidating, so that you, too, can shoot extreme. Learn more when you read Extreme Video Surge!

Outside Sound

Outside Sound

Ah, the great outdoors. It's a video shooter's dream come true. Loads of free lighting, gorgeous backgrounds and breathtaking scenery - what more could you want? At least visually, shooting outdoors is a wonderful idea. For audio, however, an outdoor shoot presents a new set of challenges. Learning to deal with these challenges is a combination of the right tools and a knowledge of all the variables. Grab your walking stick and camcorder and join us on a hike through the backwoods of outdoor audio. Learn more when you read Outside Sound.

Choosing the Best Webcameras

Choosing the Best Webcameras

So you're ready to get a new webcam for your computer. You can see yourself doing video chat, streaming live on the web, being the life of the internet party. You'll finally be in the 21st Century. Well, beware: if you just dive in, thinking it's just plug-and-play, you're probably going to get stuck real fast. If you're unlucky, you might even meet some pretty scary things. Choosing a webcam and choosing the "right" webcam can be quite a battle. Learn more when you read Choosing the Best Webcameras.

How to Make Your Video Look Like Film

How to Make Your Video Look Like Film

Shooting in 24p is one way to give that elusive film style look to your projects and to your videos. The look of film in the movies that we grew up with often leaves us with the impression that we need to have a big time budget to recreate the same look that only film offers, which is synonymous with quality large budget productions. Learn More.


Meet the Canon XH G1

Canon XH G1

The Canon XH G1 is perfect for television production, the multimedia professional, and commercial purposes. If you are looking to be able to combine the power of a high definition camcorder that has a vast selection of various advanced features within a tightly compacted easily maneuverable design, then the Canon XH G1 is what you're looking for. Learn More.


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Friday, December 28, 2012

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fw: Bella Events is looking for a Portrait Photographer

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Jobs from: Bella Events, Winston Retail and more...
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Freelance Beauty Advisor - Fresno, CA View details
Winston Retail - Fresno, CA
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centene corporation - Fresno, CA
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Senior Strategic Communications Manager View details
Xantrex Technology Inc. - Clovis, CA
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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@kenmccoy: My 4 words of Success for 2013: Resolve, Enrichment, Trust, Tenacity #2013motivation #business #focus

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fw: 15 Winter Digital Photography Tips

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Subject: 15 Winter Digital Photography Tips

15 Winter Digital Photography Tips

Link to PictureCorrect Photography Tips

15 Winter Digital Photography Tips

Posted: 24 Dec 2012 10:04 PM PST

Merry Christmas everyone! The destination for learning new gear: Christmas Photography Deals

Cold weather months are a wonderful time for taking photographs. Having a total switch to the natural environment, there are a lot of excellent photographic possibilities. Subject to the area, it could be slightly chilly or even freezing. The subsequent 15 winter photo tips handle planning for the cold temperatures and your hardware, discovering snow correctly, as well as other strategies.

"Untitled" captured by Lilia Tkachenko. (Click image to see more from Lilia Tkachenko.)

“Untitled” captured by Lilia Tkachenko. (Click image to see more from Lilia Tkachenko.)

15 considerations for successful winter photographs:

• Ensuring an effective photo shoot, make sure you take into account the cold temperatures. It may sound obvious but, put on additional layers, water-resistant trousers, as well as footwear that will work in deep snowfall. Using correct winter apparel enables you to remain in an outdoor environment for an extended period.

• It is crucial if you are in cold temperatures to keep your digital camera cool. Do not attempt to make it warm through putting it beneath your coat or possibly in a heated place. Relocating the digital camera from the chilly to warmer heat range rapidly will result in condensation. Moisture build-up or condensation is a sure way to damage a digital camera.

• To steer clear of this you should maintain your digital camera at an equivalent heat range to the open air. Additionally, under no circumstances blow snow from your camera since this will result in moisture build-up or condensation.

• Even though the digital camera must be used chilled, the batteries must not! Electric batteries held in the cold temperatures shed their energy levels a lot quicker. Attempting to keep the batteries warmer can certainly help sustain energy. You could use hand warmers or maybe hold batteries in trouser pockets in close proximity to yourself to ensure that they’re heated.

• If travelling around with the digital camera, it is actually a wise decision to not use your car heating. This will result in moisture build-up or condensation once you swap from the warm vehicle to the chilly surroundings. However, if dressed effectively, the chilly vehicle ought to be bearable!

• If you need to transfer the digital camera out of varied temperature ranges make sure to ease the actual cross over. Don’t rapidly move from a chilly to warmer environment. Alternatively, try leaving the digital camera inside the cameras pouch for some hrs. Additionally you can position it inside a zip lock case to help reduce the heat change.

"Untitled" captured by Nathan McCreery. (Click image to see more from Nathan McCreery.)

“Untitled” captured by Nathan McCreery. (Click image to see more from Nathan McCreery.)

• While you exhale, the mouth produces hot air which will typically become ice within normal winter conditions. Take care to not breathe out on your equipment in freezing weather. This will trigger moisture build-up or condensation. Also you can unintentionally conceal the viewfinder with ice. This may not be a straightforward remedy if you’re found in abnormally cold conditions.

• Whilst on my first ever snow photo session I dropped the camera lens cover in the snow. When I put it back again on my camera. It triggered really bad moisture build-up or condensation plus the camera lens couldn’t be purged until I finally went back home. Take care with the camera lens cap. If it gets water or snow on it, it’s going to trigger condensation on the camera lens.

• Taking winter season pictures by way of snowfall, white balance can be improperly calibrated. Digital camera devices will regularly misinterpret the white balance in the snowfall. This could cause a greyish or blue look in the pictures. The perfect solution is always to overexpose the photo. You should also attempt setting the white balance to gloomy or even shadow.

• Metering snowfall isn’t a straightforward point and read activity. The majority of light meters give an eighteen percent grey exposure with regard to snow, transforming it from whitened to blue/grey. The remedy is always to increase the exposure on or two stops to help capture the snow shot.

• Recent, clean snowfall is approximately 90 percent refractive. Spot metering fresh snowfall is an excellent method of getting a reading. Once you have a reading, including a couple of stops typically provides the correct result.

• Snowfall with increased glare or side-lighting will be much less refractive and in most cases requires a maximum of 1- 1/2 stops of compensation. When the snow is in the shade, you won’t have to enhance the exposure. In cloudy shoots the exposure shouldn’t end up being increased greater than two points.

"Morning Frost" captured by Jimmy K. (Click image to see more from Jimmy K.)

“Morning Frost” captured by Jimmy K. (Click image to see more from Jimmy K.)

• Winter pictures at night time are completed a lot easier by way of snowfall. A full moon can light up the whole scenery when it is coated with snow.

• Throughout the winter season the hard storms as well as cold temperatures usually lessen the air pollution with the atmosphere. Consequently, the skies tend to be crisper. This will make for excellent aerial as well as scenic images.

• Graduated filter systems enable you to shade wintertime skies which are grey and also without colour

About the Author:
Andrew K Horton previously wrote for digitalphotographytutorials4u dot org, a site that is currently not active.

For Further Training:

Did you receive any shiny new photography toys over the holidays? If so, publishers are rolling out some of the best deals of the year for photography education right now. We made a list of all the great deals we could find, most of them expire at the end of the year!

Ending soon, they can be found here: Christmas Photography Deals

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Monday, December 24, 2012

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Fw: Christmas Photography Deals

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Subject: Christmas Photography Deals

Christmas Photography Deals

Link to PictureCorrect Photography Tips

Christmas Photography Deals

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 05:14 PM PST

christmas photography dealsThe holiday season is upon us and many are opening shiny new photography toys. These publishers alerted us that they are rolling out deals on photography education right now for those looking to learn how to use some of their new cameras & accessories.

Most of the following deals expire December 31st!

We will continue to update this list as more great offers are found or released – stay tuned!

1. Natural Light Photography Guideat 55% off

natural light

This 96 page eBook is written and lavishly illustrated to provide a complete, comprehensive guide to using natural light in photography.

2. Trick Photography, The Most Popular Photography eBookat 50% off

trick photography deal

This has been the most popular eBook with our audience over the last few years. The recent 2nd edition includes 100 new e-book pages (300 pages total) and 9 full hours of video tutorials.

3. Photigy Advanced Photography Tutorialsat 50% off until midnight today!

photigy christmas

Photigy is running their Christmas Sale, where you can buy any of their advanced photography tutorials for half price. Includes their new HDR essentials pack just released.

4. Flash Photography Portrait & Headshot Courseat 30% off

flash portrait course

This new in-depth video training course will teach you how to shoot studio-quality portraits & headshots in your home while only using an SLR camera and flash.

5. Art of Photography from Trey Ratcliffat 25% off with the voucher code artofphotography25

art of photography

This four-part tutorial covers the fundamentals of how a camera operates, properly composing a photo, finding your artistic style and basic photo editing.

6. Click! How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kidsat 50% off

click child portrait guide

Learn from a professional child photographer how to capture photos that reflect the big personalities of those little people you cherish so much.

7. Photography Workflow Trainingat 33% off with the voucher code photowork33

photography workflow

This workflow training resource is a new 130-page, 10-step guide to establishing a reliable and consistent digital photography workflow.

8. Night Photography Courseat 38% off with redemption code dpsxmas

night photography course

Some of the many things you will learn: The main problems you face. The camera settings you need to understand. And how to process photos taken at night.

9. iPhone Photography Guideat 65% off

iphone photography guide

This eBook was released recently to great reviews. The iPhone's camera is pretty decent, but what makes this device so powerful (and complicated) are all the professional grade photo apps.

10. Time-lapse Photography Guidebookuse the coupon code holidaylapse for 20% off

time-lapse photography deal

A new COMPLETE guide to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapses. This 146 page eBook covers everything from start to finish including shooting, processing and rendering.

11. Ed Verosky eBook Collectionvoucher code XMAS for bundle, code BIGSALE for individual

verosky christmas deal

Designed to help photographers consistently create high-quality images with minimal gear. 7 eBooks for just $29.95. Topics: dslr basics, portraits, lighting and boudoir photography.

12. Camera & Photo Holiday Deals at Amazon

amazon holiday offers

Find the hottest holiday deals on digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and much more.

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Article from: PictureCorrect Photography Tips

Experimenting with Perspective in Your Photo Compositions

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 03:18 PM PST

What is Perspective?

Throughout history, paintings have undergone a distinct revolution. When two-dimensional paintings were no longer popular, artists had figured out different ways to allow the third dimension to impact the painting. We call that third dimension “perspective,” and it’s just as important in photography as in painting.

"Besalu Catalonia" captured by David Hobcote. (Click image to see more from David Hobcote.)

“Besalu Catalonia” captured by David Hobcote. (Click image to see more from David Hobcote.)

The use of perspective can add an extra sense of depth to your images. But, it’s ineffective unless you define a horizon. The horizon line is the space where everything you see gets so small that it’s practically invisible. While horizon lines can reside even somewhere off of the frame, they are essential to producing an interesting image.

The closer the horizon line is to the center of the frame, the larger the sense of depth you will create (until it is exactly centered). When this is the case, you actually revert back to two dimensions where there is no sense of a third dimension at all. Diminishing perspective has thus been eliminated. Depending upon the effect you need, you can adjust your perspective to increase or decrease the aspect of perspective.

Making it Simple

Here’s a simple exercise you can do at home. Take a baking rack and hold it up in front of your face at exactly 90 degrees. When it is totally flat (both vertically or horizontally), you have zero diminishing perspective. As you start to tilt the rack away from you, you will notice the holes getting smaller the further away they get. The closer the angle is to zero, the greater the effect of the perspective.

Another way you can get a feel for perspective is to imagine a winding road that gets tinier and tinier until you can no longer see it. Up close, the road practically fills up the entire frame. But far away, it is but a speck on a much larger canvas. Diminishing perspective is demonstrated in this example.

Using Perspective

Landscape photographers prefer large f-numbers and small apertures because they create the largest possible depth of field, giving you the greatest diminishing perspective. Ensuring that the entire scene remains in focus is not always easy. But, for the purpose of creating a sense of depth and using perspective, it can be done creating an amazing effect.

If you are taking a picture of a large object, you will need a larger depth of field to capture it. Gaining distance between you and the object to be shot is the best way to accomplish this. However, in general, if you are taking a picture of something much smaller, it’s expected that you will use a shallow depth of field.

"Winding Road" captured by Todd Ward. (Click image to see more from Todd Ward.)

“Winding Road” captured by Todd Ward. (Click image to see more from Todd Ward.)

How you choose to use perspective is really up to you. The key is that you have a grasp of the concept and can choose how to use this aspect in your photography. Have fun experimenting with depth of field as you continue improving your shots!

About the Author:
Mathew Rivers writes for a Nikon Camera site. For more on field of depth, take a look at our blog and check out the results that others have achieved with great cameras and lenses!

Go to full article: Experimenting with Perspective in Your Photo Compositions

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Article from: PictureCorrect Photography Tips

Ski Photography Portrait Session from Start to Finish

Posted: 23 Dec 2012 01:28 PM PST

Remember the movie Hot Dog? The 80′s comedy about a bunch of goofy skiers. Well imagine doing a whole commercial photo shoot in that style, and you’ve pictured photographer David Jackson’s latest project. Neon colored ski suits, big-haired blondes, and that creepy guy whose always recording everything on his VHS camcorder. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Roastar project (for those of you reading this by email, the videos can be seen here):

This is obviously not your typical photo shoot, but it’s nice to see something so fun and different than your fancy dressed up model. It really shows you what kind of variety there is out there in the commercial photography world.

commercial photo shoot

Not your average photo shot

If you’re curious about how the final images turned out, check out these videos showing Jackson’s post-processing. He discusses in-depth every step he makes in Photoshop from creating a composite image to better product placement to making drop shadows.

Go to full article: Ski Photography Portrait Session from Start to Finish

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Article from: PictureCorrect Photography Tips

Christmas Sale on Advanced Photography Courses, Includes New HDR Essentials

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 05:41 PM PST

Only for one more day, through Dec 24 Photigy is running their Christmas Sale, where you can buy any of their advanced photography tutorials for half price! Simply use the voucher code GETMAX2012 at checkout. Found here: Photigy Advanced Photography Christmas Sale

hdr photography essentials

New HDR Essentials Pack, Part of the Photigy Christmas Sale (Click to Learn More)

They also just released their new HDR Photography Essentials pack, which is part of the Christmas sale. It yields some pretty compelling results:

hdr photo examples

HDR Photography Essentials (Click to Find More Examples)

Learn more here: Photigy Photography Christmas Sale, Everything 50% Off

Go to full article: Christmas Sale on Advanced Photography Courses, Includes New HDR Essentials

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Article from: PictureCorrect Photography Tips